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b766fce3 12/11/2018 05:20 PM Francisco Del Roio

Visual Studio Code support

Added basic Visual Studio Code files to ease coding and debugging.

  • Added `launch.json` and `tasks.json`.
    - Added a task to prepare a folder to run the client from code.
    - Added a launch config to run CocoMUD from code with debugging.
4994e1b7 11/12/2017 03:32 PM Vincent Le Goff

Add the feature to export a world in a ZIP archive

c3ed4a83 12/15/2016 04:51 PM Vincent Le Goff

Add code to freeze the task system (using python-redmine)

11d4f23d 10/05/2016 07:22 AM Vincent Le Goff

Add the #tts SharpScript function

1df43fe1 09/30/2016 12:01 AM Vincent Le Goff

Add individual configuration for different worlds

dd5a2fe8 09/15/2016 07:06 PM Vincent Le Goff

Update the .gitignore file to ignore the user configuration

481c2207 09/12/2016 05:57 AM Vincent Le Goff

Expand the .gitignore file

8de13494 11/17/2015 09:22 PM vlegoff

Initial commit

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