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# Date Author Comment
7efcc006 12/27/2019 04:57 PM Vincent Le Goff

Update the project license information

de07fb33 10/09/2018 06:27 PM Vincent Le Goff

Stabilize the client with Python 3.6

0f893892 01/08/2017 12:12 PM Vincent Le Goff

Fix #78: encoding error when a character's name contains non-ascii letters

bdd3adcb 01/08/2017 11:18 AM Vincent Le Goff

Add #77: the user can now set default characters

307d123d 12/30/2016 03:59 PM Vincent Le Goff

Add the notepads for characters

6d5cf9ef 12/30/2016 03:02 PM Vincent Le Goff

Add the basic feature of notepads

c63ff6dd 12/26/2016 07:17 PM Vincent Le Goff

Add characters with individual credentials

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