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How to connect?

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Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
9083fa1b 09/30/2016 08:11 PM Vincent Le Goff

Add the setting to go to the end of the output on pressing tab

9ebb426f 09/30/2016 01:38 AM Vincent Le Goff

Add the ConnectionDialog to select between different servers

7b7e38e9 09/29/2016 05:52 AM Vincent Le Goff

Add a setting to change the client's encoding

c861d8da 09/21/2016 05:45 AM Vincent Le Goff

Translate the MacroDialog

b54abeec 09/21/2016 04:57 AM Vincent Le Goff

Translate the PreferencesDialog

01dfce9e 09/21/2016 01:13 AM Vincent Le Goff

Add the language setting in 'options.conf'

424e22f2 09/20/2016 08:44 PM Vincent Le Goff

Prepare the ClientWindow to be translated

07b2525b 09/20/2016 05:22 AM Vincent Le Goff

Update the translation scheme

45e6bcc7 09/16/2016 06:54 AM Vincent Le Goff

Begin to translate with Ytranslate

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