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Feature #101: Offer CocoMUD's accessibility on Linux

Offer console-like alternatives to configure and manipulate CocoMUD

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Although wxPython is the most accessible window toolkit under Windows, its accessibility on other platforms, particularly Linux with Orca, tends to be a bit limited. Lists, in particular, do not render well, and manipulation through the arrow keys doesn't select anything, which generates errors.

Re-coding CocoMUD in GTK+, the accessible alternative on Linux, would be a major hardship, considering both versions would have to be maintained for accessibility. However, it turned out that the AccessPanel was completely accessible in Linux, particularly in the "screen reader support" mode. Therefore, a good compromise would be to allow users to access these areas secured by lists and other inaccessible elements through a console-like approach, with commands that should be quite close to MUD commands with a specific syntax. In fact, CocoMUD's sharp engine could easily be tied to such an interface.

The suggestion for a better accessibility goes as follow:

  • If under Linux, open CocoMUD in its AccessPanel, with no current world selected, instead of opening the connection window.
  • The user would have to enter the #connect command, with either a world's name (if configured) or a full configuration instruction (host name, port, protocol).
  • Most settings will need to be changed to allow editing from this interface. Something like #setting lang it.


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Restructure the MUDPanel and create the basic CMDPanel in commit commit:1e5636f952b0b420ca3650c8114b6083cda72cc9.

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