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Client is reacting very slow

Added by Moritz Wolfart almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Hi to all!
Let me first say, that i absolutely like what you are doing so far!
It is so good to see another mudclient!

I got a general problem when i open any mud. The feedback is very very slow and after some minutes, the client crashes completely.

When i try to change some options in the preferences-menu i got the following Error-report:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Vincent\src\cocomud\src\ui\dialogs\", line 379, in OnOK
  File "C:\Users\Vincent\src\cocomud\src\", line 93, in __getitem__
KeyError: "the key 'options.general.language' cannot be found, cannot find 'language'" 

Hope this helps a little in developing!

Best wishes from germany and keep on this good work!


options.conf (349 Bytes) options.conf Vincent Le Goff, 10/21/2017 07:07 PM
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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

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Hi, and thank you for your kind words of encouragement,

CocoMUD slowness has been reported by some users as being an indirect consequence of using the Jaws screen reader. There is a possible quick fix, but that doesn't make much sense. But the traceback you report may be more worrying: it sounds like you haven't all translations in your catalog. I'll explain how to fix it and why it should fix it.

CocoMUD needs language catalogs that can be found in the "translations" folder. If you're curious and open this folder you will find sub-folders, one per language, then a tree of translation. That's plain YML files (almost as plain as text files). When CocoMUD updates, it updates its translation catalogs (in fact, it should replace all the files in your CocoMUD folder, including "translations"). However, sometimes, the process fails and for some reasons, it seems to often fail on the "translations" folder. My first guess is some anti-virus system is scanning this folder at the same time and so deleting and re-creating it fails. Since this often happens for some users, however, I wouldn't give much trust to my initial guess.

The fix is to try to update again. On the download and update page, you will find instructions to force CocoMUD to update. I would try running "dbg_updater" first (perhaps several times), since it is (by far) the easiest option. If it doesn't fix the bug you're having when opening preferences (you still get the traceback), you can try to manually re-install CocoMUD (the process is described on the same page) and copy your configuration so as not to loose anything.

If this fixes the issue in preferences, but you still has a very sluggish CocoMUD, I recommend going in preferences, accessibility tab, and uncheck "Use rich-text control with colors". This absolutely unhelpful name refers to CocoMUD's ability to handle colors and a bit more comfortable fonts for these who are using the screen. Obviously, this is not helpful for users without sight and it's known to slow down screen readers or cause other bugs (people using Jaws have reported a freeze of the client if richText is active). You will be asked to restart CocoMUD for the modifications to take effect. I hope this fixes your problem.

Thank you again for your issue, let me know how the suggestions worked.

Good luck,

PS : if you want to reply to this, just click on edit. Almost at the top of the page, you will see a multiline text field (it stands just before the input for adding files). This is the note section where you can add your comment.

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Updated by Moritz Wolfart almost 5 years ago

Hey hey!

Thanks for your quick responds!

Oh oh! I think it is going to get even more tricky!
I am not using Jaws. I am using NVDA.
And to make it more worse, i think i already got the current version of cocomud cause i downloaded it 13 hours ago.
I checked the Translations-folder and only found two folders called french and english. Is there already a german one wich i don't have?
I tryed the "dbg_updater" three times but nothing changed.

Another interesting fact is, that i always get the bugreport mentioned in my introducing post when i press the OK-button in the preferences-screen. Even if i change nothing. So i cant change anything.
Maybe you could give me the configuration-line to turn off the colur-parts in the settings-file?

Best wishes again and i hope you will have a nice weekend!

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

You are correct. There are only English and French translations so far. You are more than welcome to contribute and translate to another language! CocoMUD has been built with ease in language switching in mind. Like accessibility, this has been a major constant from the very beginning of the client. It would be nice to offer the client in other languages (I must admit I don't speak more than French and English myself).

Regarding your issue, I don't get this error and am running on the latest CocoMUD (there wasn't an update in a few months, I was just too busy, so it's more than likely you already have the latest version at hand). I suspect this is something which is missing from your translation.

Could you go in your cocomud folder, open the "en" folder (English translation), then "ui" -> "dialog"? In it, you should find a "preferences.yml" file. What you can try is just to download the file: . Remove your "preferences.yml" file and put in the one you have downloaded. See if it fixes the issue. I'm really intrigued about the issue you're having.

Hope this fixes the problem,

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Updated by Moritz Wolfart almost 5 years ago

Hey hey!
I am so sorry! I replaced the file as you said, but nothing happened. I still got the same error-message.
If you got other ideas, let me know and i will try!

Best wishes!

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

... I had all the information in your first comment. Tracebacks are really useful, if you read them, and I just skipped to the last line. Translations are just fine. Your problem is that you don't have settings, it seems. More specifically, you don't have the language setting, which CocoMUD (in its kindness) doesn't set, since it just uses your system language by default, if it can. I think your problem is that you are running CocoMUD from the .zip archive. Windows can (sometimes) run .exe files from zip archives, but the folders in them cannot be written. So I would guess CocoMUD tries to write in your setting file and cannot. However, if you have successfully created worlds, it's probably a wrong guess, since CocoMUD writes in files to add worlds. If you are running, not from the archive, but from a regular directory, the error looks odd and may be due to the fact that CocoMUD doesn't recognize the language of your system, which makes some sense. It should switch back to English when it can't, but perhaps something is wrong, since I guess no one tested it.

If this is the reason for the bug, you can try the following:

  1. Open the cocomud folder.
  2. Open the "settings" folder.
  3. Remove the "options.conf" file. This holds all your options.
  4. Download the options.conf file I have provided (see below) and put it in the folder.
  5. Restart CocoMUD. The options.conf I have supplied specifies language, so it will definitely force CocoMUD to English.

If this solves the issue, please tell me and I will open a ticket to add support for language systems that are not currently used by CocoMUD (again, if you are interested in translating it into German, I'm more than interested). If it doesn't solve anything, I'm at a loss.

In summary I would guess two culprits:

  1. You are running cocomud from the zip archive (if so, unzip it, so it will find itself in a directory, otherwise it won't be able to write in any file).
  2. You are already running from an uncompressed CocoMUD. If so, please override your options.conf file as described above.

I hope one of these tricks work! Good luck,

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

The file didn't upload, sorry. Here it comes!

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Updated by Moritz Wolfart almost 5 years ago

Thanks! Victory! Yeah! It is working now!
Very great!
I think i even can alter the preferences now.
Could you provide this file in the next regular Zipfile?

I have never done a translation before, but i will think about it.
For me it is completely OK to have the cocomud in english language. Cause most muds are in english too.

Again, thank you very much!
I like this client and hope to see many many updates!:-)

Have a nice evening!

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

I'm glad it now works! So the problem was that CocoMUD tried to run in German, but couldn't? Once you put the options.conf file with the language it worked?

In theory adding a translation is quite simple. Everything is in our yml files, that are just text files with light formatting. It looks a bit like this:

button: bouton
save: Enregistrer
cancel: Annuler

There's also the documentation of the client that could be very useful to translate (even though the interface remains in English, it can be great to have the documentation in different languages). CocoMUD provides documentation for aliases, macros, triggers, worlds, characters, and some more advanced configuration (you can find it in cocomud/doc/en for the English documentation, if you need it, for the time being it's not really mapped in the client but the documentation mostly exists).

I'm the only one developing this client so far and have a pretty tight schedule for the time being. Since CocoMUD supports most of the things I needed in a MUD client, I didn't create many requests in awhile, but you are more than welcome to add new ones, if you have bug reports or feature requests (this is the very same process you used). I'm thrilled to have found CocoMUD on audiogames, this will hopefully bring new users and provide additional debugging, ideas, and collaboration, which is always exciting.

Thank you again and enjoy your CocoMUD experience! Feel free to share in new ideas!

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Updated by Moritz Wolfart almost 5 years ago

Yeah your options.conf absolutely did the job!

I made a little advertising for you on the audiogames-community.

I think i will contact you again next week in case of creating distributable soundpacks and some other stuff about soundpacks cause many of us VI-players are very interested in having or creating or distributing soundpacks for Muds.

You'll be hearing from me!:-)

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

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That sounds great. CocoMUD already has an auto-import built in, which allows to download and install pre-made configuration. So far, there are only configuration for French MUDs, this definitely needs to be expanded, but it's somewhat simple to do. I agree, this is very important to have.

You can open a new post on the forums for CocoMUD . We haven't used them so far, but it looks like a very good opportunity. Else I will definitely create a document or topic on how to create sound packs (the configuration that can be automatically imported in CocoMUD can contain aliases, macros, and triggers with sounds).

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Updated by Moritz Wolfart almost 5 years ago

I don't want to open an extra topic for this, but i think it could be important!

I think you should check into the Cocomud-topic on audiogames and say hello to all. Cause i was asked how to get in contact with you.

The link is:

You absolutely should mention what you already told to me about the other translations you would like to have!
I am sure there will be some members who are interested in doing this!

Have a nice sunday!

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

Yes, I have tried yesterday and this morning, but I still get the message:

Sorry! no permission to post a reply

I don't know why, I guess I must contact the audiogames staff, everybody seems surprised I cannot reply to this post with the account I just created. I'll see what I can do.

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

Would you mind posting a reply on audiogames giving this URL? . I just added a heading labelled "Contact and discussions", giving three ways to contact the team (that is, me, for the time being).


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Updated by Moritz Wolfart almost 5 years ago

Good morning!

Here comes a little info from one of the audiogames-community-member. Maybe it is helpful for you!

"He needs to introduce himself in the thread titled Restricted/new users: introduce yourself.
New users are restricted to that thread because of all the spam this place has been receiving.
Luckily, they've been limited to that thread."

Another one asked some questions too. If you want i could create a special topic for this.

Have a nice day!

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

Sorry about the delay. Weeks are always much heavier on my schedule, so I work on my projects the weekend for the time being, except if I have some quick time in the evening. I will try with Audiogames. If you want, you can post the addresses to contact me. They are on the home page ( ), but the best solution for users, I believe, that does not require them to create an account, is to join the mailing list: it's specifically designed for that very purpose. We also have another list for French users. With time I would like to have mailing lists for other languages but that will wait. The web URL for the English mailing list is: . If you can't, I will try to post these links when I have the time to write an introductory post on Audiogames.

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Updated by Moritz Wolfart almost 5 years ago

Hey hey!
An english list is absolutely sufficient i think.
I will see if i can sign in there for joining. Thanks!

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 5 years ago

Joining the mailing list should be really easy. When you click on the link I provided, you will see an edit field in which you can enter your email address. Just below is the action you want to do: subscribe is selected by default, so you just have to click on the "go" button at the end of the line. Perhaps we'll automate the system somewhat if subscribers come in great numbers, but for the time being, it sounds good enough to last some time.

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