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Remove the dependency on pygame

Added by Vincent Le Goff almost 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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CocoMUD relies on Pygame to play sounds in the client, mainly for triggers. This is a bit extreme, as pygame is not light, makes the client heavier and slower to start, although once up it's running smoothly. There are other libraries that could play sounds. The only constraint being on playing both OGG and WAV files, and on playing different sounds at once, doubtless a lighter library can be found for this task.

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playsound seems to do the trick nicely. At a bonus, it supports WAV and MP3 file formats. But does it support OGG? The documentation says it "might" support other formats... which is not necessarily reassuring. To be tested on other platforms as well.

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Updated by Vincent Le Goff almost 4 years ago

pydub seems to be an interesting choice too. However, it has more dependencies (it's able to read more formats, to be sure, and do more things with them). The question is whether it will be possible to package this library... and if it will be a real improvement for CocoMUD.

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