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Allow to run with custom configuration

Added by Vincent Le Goff over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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When CocoMUD runs, it assumes its settings and worlds are located at the root. Safe assertion in most cases, but it might be a nice feature to add a support for a command-line argument, allowing to specify the CocoMUD's root. It would allow to run a build version with static configuration, for instance.

Proposed API:

cocomud.exe --root-dir=<other path leading to CocoMUD's configuration>

Most information are not sensitive to the location where they are. The translations, however, should remain the same no matter the specified root directory. This constraint would prevent unpredictable code-breaking on translation changes.


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The option was added in commit a88028b6a117bf9f665fa82820e67a7f7613d267. It allowed to spy a bug in the triggers, now fixed. I'm using this option first-hand to see if the old configuration breaks with the new version of CocoMUD, so hopefully, I should see early bugs with this. Not closing this issue just yet, waiting for feedback.

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Closing this, I'm running on custom configuration since this issue was implemented and haven't spotted a bug yet in aliases, macros or triggers.

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