Command stacking

Command stacking is a feature that allows users to send multiple commands at once. For instance:

say sounds;say good

This syntax is equivalent to writing:

say sounds
say good

Sending multiple commands at once can be useful in some situations. By default, the character for command stacking is the semicolon (;), but it can be changed in the preferences, input tab. If you wish to remove command stacking, simply remove the character in the setting.

You can double the command stacking character to actually send one. If you have set the semicolon (;) as a delimiter for command stacking (the default), you can type:

say one command;say another command with a wink emoticon ;;)

This command is equivalent to writing:

say one command
say another command with a wink emoticon ;)

Once the delimiter is present more than one time, it is not used as delimiter in the command stacking. Therefore:

Command Equivalent
say ;;) say ;)
say ;;;) say ;;)
say ;;;;) say ;;;)

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