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h1. CocoMUD client 

 CocoMUD client is a MUD client designed for ease-of-access with a screen reader.    It plans to offer just as many features as another MUD client, while remaining as accessible as possible through several features, including a Text-To-Speech (TTS) for speech and Braille messaging. 

 [[cocomud-client:|Home]] [[Download|Download]] [[Basics|Quick start]] 

 Other languages: [[Fr:|French]]. 

 h2. Start using now 

 To download CocoMUD, go to the [[Download|download page]].    You might also like to read [[Basics|CocoMUD basics]] to learn how to use the main features of CocoMUD. 

 h2. Main features 

 These features are the main tasks of the CocoMUD client roadmap.    You can click on one of these issues to see its progress as the project evolves. 

 * A MUD client with a steady networking system (#5). 
 * An accessible client with most screen readers (#6). 
 * A portable client on Windows, Linux and Mac OS (#7). 
 * A translated interface into different languages (#8). 
 * A simple but powerful mechanism to customize the user experience (#9), with [[Alias|aliases]], [[Macros|macros]], [[Triggers|triggers]] and more. 

 h2. Licensing 

 CocoMUD is distributed under the "3-clause BSD":    Its source code can be found on its "Github repository": .    Note that the project itself (discussions, issues, forums, documentation) is hosted on "PlanIO":