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General configuration (macros, aliases, triggers)

Added by Moritz Wolfart over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Some configuration is just repeated in all games. Some common aliases, macros, triggers and even channels. The idea would to be define "general-level" configuration. An easy solution is to create a settings/config.set file, as Moritz suggested, with the general configuration. The feature is almost supported as is, but some modifications to the user interface are needed:

  • For aliases, channels, macros and triggers, an additional list should be added to change its scope. General, world, or category. Although category-level configuration may not be available, it's good to think about this feature already.
  • Remember than changing the scope will mean changing the file in which these are saved, and perhaps the order.
  • World configuration has precedence over general configuration. One should be able to define a macro that overrides the general macro, for instance.
  • Remember to keep channels stored in worlds, to avoid conflict. It might be a good idea to separate them on the client itself.
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Very good idea. I thought we should have configuration on three layers: general (accessible to all worlds), world, and category. Categorires would be like classes in other clients. One could have a category for combats, with macros, triggers, and aliases that are only active if you are in combat, for instance. Triggers could switch your active category to activate/remove existing configuration. This was on my mind, so a general configuration for macros, triggers, and aliases (and channels and whatever) makes total sense. Thank you for the suggestion!

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