Feature #115

Updated by Vincent Le Goff over 6 years ago

Some configuration is just repeated in all games.    Some common aliases, macros, triggers and even channels.    The idea would to be define "general-level" configuration.    An easy solution is to create Hey hey! 
 Is there a @settings/config.set@ file, as Moritz suggested, with the special Menu where i can set up general configuration.    The feature is almost supported as is, but some modifications to the user interface are needed: 

 * For aliases, channels, macros and triggers, an additional list should be added to change its scope.    General, world, or category.    Although category-level configuration may not be available, it's good to think about this feature already. 
 * Remember than changing the scope wich will mean changing the file work in which these are saved, and perhaps the order. all worlds? 
 * World configuration has precedence over general configuration.    One should be able to define a macro that overrides the general macro, for instance. 
 * Remember to keep channels stored For example, in worlds, most Muds you need north, east, south, west and so on and i like to avoid conflict.    have this on my numpad. It might be is a good idea little little anoying to separate them on the client itself. 
 do this for every world. So an option for general macros would be realy nice!