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Feature #8: Translate CocoMUD client into different languages

Translate CocoMUD in Spanish

Added by Vincent Le Goff over 5 years ago.

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There was a great job done in CocoMUD's code to port the translation to Spanish. There remains a couple of entries that are still in English, due to the fact that no Spanish project existed on CocoMUD. This is now fixed, so I suggest a task with no time constraint.

We now have a Spanish project in CocoMUD, es . For the CocoMUD's projects, the English version is on the CocoMUD client (the main project), sub-projects are for other languages (like fr). It is not possible to alter the language of a project on Redmine while maintaining the language of separate projects, although users can select a default language to see Redmine in a more friendly way. With a full Spanish project, there are two things that could be done:

  1. Update the few entries that remain in English, in the translations/es catalog. See for instance "translations/es/ui/dialog/bug.yml" where the message and URL could be updated (for the URL you will need to specify the project ID of es , you might try various numbers and see if the project is selected when you open the URL).
  2. The next task is more complicated: the wiki pages on es should be translated as well. Now, that's a lot of work, and I advise you to not do it at all, working extensively on translation isn't the most fun and the documentation isn't that light. The Builds page in particular is extremely long as it lists all builds of CocoMUD and new features. You do not need to translate it, we could leave the previous versions in English and only add Spanish for the new releases. To be discussed.


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