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Feature #9

An easy yet powerful setting system for customization

Added by Vincent Le Goff over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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CocoMUD is intended for every user, with or without programming skills. The client should be easy to set up and allow to achieve already powerful task while only using the interface and a simple scripting system. For those willing to go beyond, however, CocoMUD will also provide an interface for developers who would be able to produce more complex scripts.

The setting model can be represented in three different layers:

  • The upper layer contains every modification that could be done through the interface. These modifications should be simple, but allow interesting extensions nevertheless. Macros, aliases, triggers and more could be configured in the interface. More complex scripting could be achieved as well, but the aim is to allow every user with a setting they could modify without having to create and manage scripts.
  • The next layer contains a light-syntax scripting language that is used to perform more complex actions very easily. The syntax #macro F1 north, for instance, might associate the F1 shortcut with the north command. A list of possible actions will be presented with the users and clearly documented (if possible, in different languages).
  • The third layers contains bare scripting in Python language, that will allow features that are not supported through the basic scripting provided at the upper layer. Once more, clear documentation will be provided to users willing to extend their setting through Python code.


Feature #13: Create the CocoMUD sharp scriptClosedVincent Le Goff

Feature #14: Design an interface to edit SharpScriptClosedVincent Le Goff

Feature #15: Allow users to create several "worlds"ClosedVincent Le Goff

Feature #16: Add the command historyClosedVincent Le Goff


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Added by vincent-lg 3 months ago

Merge pull request #9 from francipvb/fix-dialogs

Fixed some sharpscript dialogs

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