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Design an interface to edit SharpScript

Added by Vincent Le Goff about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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As CocoMUD client will pursue its integration of SharpScript, adding new features and extended its use, it would be appropriate to have an editor to create SharpScript for users who don't feel comfortable writing it.

For instance, on the interface where the user will create or edit a trigger, he/she should be prompted with the action to be performed when this trigger is detected. If the user wants a sound to be played, for instance, the #play function should be displayed and a button to select the sound should be offered. It would be possible to select several actions, of course, and the setting will depend on the selection command.

Such an interface should be integrated in different windows (macro configuration, alias configuration, trigger configuration and so on).

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The SharpScript engine can now write SharpScript code (commit c89c6b5ba95500716ae7c46f1ce107af84ccce17). It will be more than useful when the client will have to write config files, not only read them.

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The SharpScript editor has been added in the AliasDialog (commit 268f02e3aacba00809c01e8bf6a0664b7f5b2d3c). It allows users to manipulate SharpScript without opening the 'config.set' file. It offers translation as well, even if it will require some work for the existing actions.

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