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Audio triggers seem to bug

Added by Vincent Le Goff over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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The cause of the problem is not clear, the subject of this issue should be changed when more accurate information has been gathered. So far, some players use exactly the same configuration presented in builds (including the same audio file in triggers). This audio files plays just fine when they click on the "test" button in the trigger, but the sound isn't played when the trigger should fire. It would be useful to create a debug mode to see what happens.

Added by Vincent Le Goff over 7 years ago

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Attempt to fix #48, errors with the #play function

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There was a bug linked to the SharpScript interpreter (commit 78732c0392a35c9f90439b16f94bf896f4628168). In theory, new SharpScript engines were created, one per world, but in practice they all collided when it came to global functions. It fixes some errors with the #play function, although some may remain.

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It seems the bug has been fixed. The testers reported an error in syntax in their configuration file, although there's still a bit of mystery as to the origin of the problem. The #play function is now logged, so it should be easier to get accurate feedback, should anything happen.

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